Improving your products using model-based design

When you want to boost performance, reduce operating costs or investigate design space, model-based design is a powerful tool.

MathCore has the expertise and experience to develop models, set up experiments and perform analysis, offering custom solutions that will fit your needs.

By creating a virtual prototype of the Cleanergy CSP system, the system can be tested in a safe environment and the improvements of a possible change can be analyzed in a more efficient way. Furthermore, things such as profit estimations compared to geographical data can be done very quickly.

—Martin Nilsson, Chief Engineer Thermodynamics, Azelio

Using model-based design, we have helped our customers to create virtual testbeds for propulsion systems, optimizing the efficiency of gas turbines and replacing laboratory rats with math.

Combining our excellence in multidomain modeling and an understanding for practical limitations, we can quickly produce high-fidelity virtual prototypes for most systems. We can help you to explore new concepts, test the otherwise untestable and reduce operating costs.

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