We are experts at applying a model-based system engineering approach to drive insight, innovation and results—technology, consulting and solutions.

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Decades of computation leadership

We apply decades of computation leadership to drive innovation in your data analytics, algorithm development and system design.

Engineering Expertise

Let the problem
lead the toolset

Through a multiparadigm approach, we have helped a wide range of industries to innovate and improve their products and systems.

Customer Cases

The Wolfram
MathCore blog

Keep updated about the latest solutions in model-based design, algorithm development and data analysis with examples from industry, research and education.

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Careers for
curious engineers

We are looking for exceptional individuals who are technically skilled, solution driven and passionately curious who want to work at the forefront of model-based design, algorithm development and data analysis.

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Wolfram MathCore

Wolfram MathCore is a part of Wolfram Research, one of the world's most respected computer, web and cloud software companies. For the last two decades, we have helped our customers drive insight, innovation and results.

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