Over 20 years of experience solving complex problems and building solutions

Our consultants at Wolfram MathCore bring technical skills, vertical industry prowess and unmatched expertise to meet customer goals.

We have partnered with industry leaders such as AstraZeneca, SKF and Rolls-Royce, using model-based design to develop novel drug safety assessment tools, develop new algorithms for bearing simulation and monitor performance of propulsion engines.

Over the years Wolfram MathCore consultants have been an essential part of the team that develops our bearing simulation tool BEAST.

—Dag Fritzson, Senior Scientist, SKF AB

As a world leader in ship propulsion development, it is crucial to have an in-depth understanding of system dynamics. Therefore, we collaborate with MathCore whenever we need to develop and analyze dynamic models of our systems.

—Stig Lönngren, Responsible for Development of Pod Propulsion Mermaid™, Rolls-Royce AB

For years Wolfram MathCore has been an essential partner. They have worked on tasks spanning from MR [magnetic resonance] physics and data processing to advanced mathematical modeling. I am really happy with the scientific results we have achieved, and also the pleasure of meeting the challenges together!

—Professor Peter Lundberg, Head MR-Physics, Linköping University Hospital, Linköping University and Center for Medical Imaging and Visualization (CMIV)

By creating a virtual prototype of the Cleanergy CSP system, the system can be tested in a safe environment and the improvements of a possible change can be analyzed in a more efficient way. Furthermore, things such as profit estimations compared to geographical data can be done very quickly.

—Martin Nilsson, Chief Engineer Thermodynamics, Cleanergy

By using Wolfram MathCore as an external partner, we can be sure that we really obtain a finished model with correct results, within given constraints. We can therefore give Wolfram MathCore our best recommendations.

—Lennart Näs, Manager, Gas Turbine Performance and Thermal Processes, Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB

When we were about to develop a new engine test bench, we contacted Wolfram MathCore and asked them to help us with the vibration analysis. By making a dynamic model, they could study the system dynamics and give us design recommendations that proved to be essential for the success of the test bench.

—Tommy Andersson, Head of Engine Dynamics and Acoustics, Scania

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