Developing cutting-edge algorithms

With vast experience in developing algorithms in areas such as image and signal processing, machine learning and control design, MathCore's consultants have the expertise to help you develop cutting-edge algorithms, improving your products.

Whether you want to completely outsource your algorithm development or add a field expert to your team, we can offer solutions for your needs.

Over the years Wolfram MathCore consultants have been an essential part of the team that develops our bearing simulation tool BEAST.

—Dag Fritzson, Senior Scientist, SKF AB

We combine the ability to quickly prototype new and innovative algorithms using the powerful Wolfram Language with vast experience in implementing the algorithms in traditional languages such as C++, Python and C.

By leveraging our experience in developing algorithms for the control of autonomous landing systems, vision systems and software such as System Modeler, BEAST and Mathematica, we can cut down on development time, find new solutions and improve quality.

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